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11 of the Fastest Growing Green Jobs

written by trilov3r September 25, 2017
11 of the Fastest Growing Green Jobs
it’s all connected. we know this. that’s our foundation for change. if we make purchases that reward industries that support our planet, our society, our lives, we grow industries. when we grow industries, we create businesses, who in turn create jobs. we must have the asset of a knowledgeable workforce to accommodate that industry. if you are looking for a career change or starting a career or educational track, be a part of the solution. this is how we create change. this is how we participate.
Urban Growers

A chef picks “farm fresh” produce from an unusual source—a rooftop apple orchard planted among the high-rises of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. The Fairmont Waterfront hotel project showcases two large sectors of the growing green-jobs movement: food production and green building.

Green roof gardens can deliver locally sourced foods that help protect the environment by minimizing the use of pesticides, fossil fuels, and other resources to grow and transport food to market from larger commercial farms. Green roofs can also improve the urban environment by insulating buildings against energy loss, managing stormwater, improving air quality, and providing places of recreation.


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