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2019 New Years ReSOLUTIONS

written by Brandon Stephenson December 31, 2018
2019 New Years ReSOLUTIONS

It’s the end of another year, and time to make those New Years resolutions. Often our resolutions center around things we want to achieve in our lives. They are our personal solutions to challenges we have been facing. This year we want to inspire you to make two sets of New Years Resolutions. Go ahead and make those personal goals… and then set some reSOLUTIONS that address the collective challenges we face as a community and planet.

Below are some ideas to inspire you to participate in being a part of the solution in 2019.

Shop Local:

Give some love to your local farmer’s markets. By shopping at farmers markets your not only contributing to the financial well-being of your local community but your also directly supporting a very important group of people. Small farmers stand up against big agriculture and are the boots on the ground revolutionaries fighting against harmful agriculture practices. Be sure to ask farmers about their growing practices. Many small farmers grow 100% organic but can not afford the certification. Get to know the people behind your food and watch your gratitude for each meal deepen.

End Single Use Habits:

Whether its a cup of coffee, a meal to go, or even a packed lunch, single-use plastics have become a staple of our modern day “on the go” culture. We are seeing a direct strain on our environment from these plastics. I’m sure you have heard of the floating plastic island, you know…the one the size of Texas in the ocean. If you haven’t… you must look it up. This is one plastic wound among many on our earth. You can participate in being the solution by breaking this habit. Check out beeswax papers instead of lunch box baggies. Bring your own Tupperware to restaurants for your to-go’s. Purchase a water bottle and take it everywhere! Most coffee houses will gladly fill up your insulated mug too, Plus the coffee stays warmer longer! It does take some planning on your part, but once the habit is fixed you will no longer feel that plastic island on your shoulders.

Think Global ACT Local:

Get involved in your local community initiatives. By donating your time to a cause you care about, you will be a living example of Gandhi’s message “Be the change you wish to see.” If you live in Southern California you can join our Conscious Party Catalysts and have the opportunity to take part in many different community initiatives. From tree planting, feeding the homeless, and beach clean-ups we have many opportunities for you to get involved in being the solution locally. To stay in tune with our community events, follow us on Facebook and get involved in our next event.

Bag it up:

When you go out for a walk around the block, or take a leisurely stroll down the beach, or a weekend hike through the mountains, bring a bag with you. So often we see trash in our neighborhoods, across our beaches, and on our local trails. Commit to taking a bag with you to demonstrate your respect for the planet by cleaning up our local environments. It’s easy to walk by and roll your eyes while commenting on the rude nature of others. The real hero doesn’t walk by though, they see it as an opportunity to give back and leave it better.

Support Business With Integrity:

In every closet and cupboard, there are a variety of brands. How well do you know the brands you invest in? What is their ethos? How do they source their materials? …and what do they do with their profits? Discover the stories behind the brands and choose only to invest in companies that are in alignment with your values. As you probably know, the tri is partnered with some amazing brands that share our ethos and operate with a fierce integrity. You can explore our partners pages to learn more about the brands that are directly involved with us. Dr. Bronners, Imlak’esh Organics, Annmarie Skin Care, Sambazon Acai, Guayaki Yerba Mate, Numi Organic Tea, Agraloop, and Papa Bueno are all a shining example of a business with integrity. By supporting these brands you can be sure that you are voting for a positive change with your dollars.

Feel free to adopt one of our reSOLUTION ideas or be inspired to create one that feels good for you. The most important thing is that we make the connection that we are all in this together. If we want to live in a world we can be proud to pass down to the next generation, then we must make our annual reSOLUTIONS about more than just ourselves.

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