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Tri Partner page: All Good Products

All Good is a lifestyle brand with a clear vision: to live and inspire others to live in balance with nature. We make organic body care products because we want you to feel amazing from the soothing natural benefits of botanical ingredients.

The mission began with Caroline, a massage therapist and outdoor enthusiast who, after working in emergency care on an ambulance, had the vision to create a product that would harness nature’s power to heal. She first developed what was to become All Good Goop healing balm in 1997 on a northern California organic family farm where she lived and worked, initially using her product for herself when rock climbing and farming. Soon she was giving away her balm to family and friends and was humbled by their response. Anyone who tried it raved that All Good Goop was the only thing that helped just about every skin ailment. After giving this magical healing balm away for years, she decided to share it with the world.

So, from Caroline’s kitchen to you, the company continues to grow with a diversity of body care offerings inspired by the very first product. Her husband, Ryan, joined in 2008 taking charge of All Good sales and building the brand.  As the branches extend, the roots grow stronger. We are grounded in core values that keep us delivering supreme quality, pure, simple and organic remedies for nurturing your body. 

Elemental Herbs is the original name of the company, and was the brand name for the first eight years.  All Good has emerged as the name that ties the whole line together, and ties the brand back to its beginnings of the very first product: All Good Goop.  We have the same “elemental” formulas made with the same organic “herbs”, and now we share these with you under the brand name ALL GOOD. 

The All Good team is now headquartered in Morro Bay, California, where we renovated a downtown warehouse into an eco-friendly environment for offices, inventory, shipping (and the occasional game of foosball or piano recital).  Just up the road is our organic farm where we grow food for the team and Calendula for All Good products. The farm also serves as a playground for company gatherings, venue for non-profit partners, and campus for a local nature school. Your purchase of All Good products directly supports environmental restoration and education projects through our partnership with 1% For the Planet. As a certified B Corporation, we challenge ourselves to live and do business by these triple bottom line values everyday. 

Caroline Duell, Founder/CEO of All Good Products podcast.

As a nature-based healing company, we at All Good are forever grateful for the earth’s abundant resources. We see it as our duty to care for them in the same way we care for our own bodies. That’s why we are dedicated to using restorative and responsible business practices.

Our production facility runs on solar power.

That’s right – we make All Good Goop in the Morro Bay Community Center’s kitchen, which gets its electricity from photovoltaic panels on the building’s rooftop.

We actively oppose the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and find suppliers who are in compliance with this. 

GMOs wreak havoc on our agricultural and natural systems. By introducing genetically modified organisms into the environment, corporate seed producers have unleashed a self-replicating monster that cannot be recalled. We will always find sources of raw materials that do not contain GMOs.

We are strong advocates for Reef Friendly products and initiatives.

While there are a number of sunscreens on the market that claim to be ‘natural’ or ‘safe’ for coastal ecosystems, most fail to live up to their promises. In particular, coral reefs around the globe are under incredible stress due to climate change and pollution such as the common chemicals found in most sunscreens. But fear not! All Good sun care products are 100% Reef Friendly, and we’ve outlined criteria so you can make the best choice for the health of our oceans, health of coral reefs and the health of your skin. Join our campaign to promote Reef Friendly skincare products!

We use recycled and recyclable packaging, shipping and printed materials.

Yeah! We are excited for more companies to jump on this wagon because one day, it will be less expensive to purchase paper that does not destroy virgin forests, pollute rivers with chlorine, and end up in a landfill. In the meantime, we are committed to finding new materials all the time that actually have a positive impact on the earth throughout their lifecycle. We recognize that we have a long way to go here, and we will not ever stop looking for better packaging solutions.

We use certified organic ingredients in our products and seek the highest possible medicinal quality in all of our herbs.

By purchasing organically grown herbs, oils and raw materials, we are ensured that our ingredients were not poisoned with harmful pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. All ingredients are sourced for their quality and sustainability and are always organic when available. Going a step beyond organic on our own farm and “herbal test garden,” we are committed to wild land farming that protects wildlife habitat, conserves water, attracts beneficial insects and birds, and builds healthy soil for the future.

We maintain relationships with suppliers and manufacturers who have high environmental standards and take care of their employees. 

The impact we have goes all the way down the line; from production to end use. The companies we work with are allies in producing eco-friendly, organic and fairly traded goods.

Our products are cruelty-free, tested on consenting humans only.

Millions of animals, including birds, dogs, fish, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, rats, and even monkeys, are tortured and killed for the (often inconclusive) testing of consumer products. We’ve signed the campaign for cruelty free cosmetics and partner with membership affiliates to spread the word: PETA
and Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (Leaping Bunny). Please support companies who don’t test on animals.

We sponsor Activist Athletes.

All Good’s Activist Athlete program is reserved for top athletes who not only excel in a human-powered outdoor sport, but also dedicate themselves to fighting non-violently for environmental and social causes. As leaders in their fields, our sponsored activist athletes are our examples of what people can do for the world. They are our voices for change! They are also part of our field-testing team who use our products in extreme environments, helping us create the most effective, high performance formulas available.

We give one percent of all sales, before any expenses to important global causes through 1% for the Planet.

Our current partners receiving All Good’s revenue donations are Save Our Snow and United Plant Savers.

Our team is our family. 

We are a small company, and as we grow, we want our team to grow with us. We create a fun and healthy environment for employees, and we encourage them to care for themselves and their families first. We support them in their own nourishing pursuits.

We laugh a lot!

We recognize the need for lighthearted humor in the midst of it all and we cherish absurdity in daily life. Sharing smiles and laughter is a great way to positively impact our environment and our health. It’s easy.