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Amy Goodman – How will we be remembered?

written by Ernesto Borges July 3, 2018
Amy Goodman – How will we be remembered?

How will we be remembered?

When these bones are only bones buried beneath the earth, all that will remain of us is our stories and the ripples of impact from them. As a generation, how will we be written into our history books? What stories will make the cut? And through what device these stories will be perceived?

Most of our world history has been written down by the power structures of that era. Be it religion, government, or controlled media; the perception of those few in power dictate what is remembered for years to come. Stories are used and redirected in ways that manipulate the perception of the public into a believing an approved version of history. This is how it has been for generations and generations, until now!

We have the unique opportunity in this new paradigm to take back our story. With our modern age of social media, youtube and cell phones we now have a novel opportunity before us. media is our modern day storyteller. We allow the media to shape and move culture by its influence. We, the people, are the new earth media. The old structures of left vs. right, or CNN vs. FOX  is now falling apart and this new culture is emerging.

“We need a media that tells the truth on the ground.”

The filters are off, and so are the blinders. At any moment anyone with a social media account can “go live” and share instantly with their community. The capability and power of this have yet to be fully realized. We can now take back our story and tell it from our perspective. What we see, what we believe, what we are experiencing, this is the truth. This is the new age of information.

No fingerprint is the same and so what makes us think that every mind should be the same? Respecting our differences, especially those that we perceive as opposing forces, will allow us the opportunity to share our perception peacefully. Understanding doesn’t mean that we agree, it means that we hold space for our differences, and celebrate our innate right to freedom of expression.

As Amy Goodman reminds us: “I’m not saying that you will agree with what you hear, how often do you even agree with your family members, but you begin to understand where someone is coming from, and that understanding is the beginning of peace. The media can be the greatest force for peace on earth.”

This new age of media offers us that opportunity but only if we act in integrity with our power. To be in our integrity we must strive to understand others and where they are coming from. When we hit the “record” button, we must keep the other in mind and speak in reverence to our differences.

“Could you imagine if for just one week we saw the images of war?”

Cell Phones are injustice’s worst enemy. No longer will the voices of injustice be silenced. We have always had the power to stand up, and speak out. The difference is, now we have the platform to be heard. Share your voice, share the pictures, and remember that on the other end of that screen are real people.

 It’s important that in this novel time we don’t abuse our platform by turning it into a soapbox. Shaming, blaming, and attacking others online is not a constructive story to tell. Everything we put out into the world is a stone cast across the waters, rippling out into the collective. So ask yourself: How are you showing up? How are you speaking out? What impact are you creating?

We are gardeners of change, cultivating the new landscape of media. It is our responsibility in this position to spread seeds of awareness so that together we can share in the bounty of a deeper understanding of the planet and each other. Awareness is the precursor to change. To spread awareness it is essential to inspire, inform, and build trust. We inspire by our ability to share passionately and authentically. We inform best by sharing while remaining in neutrality. We build trust by learning how to listen to our audience and embedding integrity.

Our stories are being written in every moment. Through the devices of independent media, we are broadcasting our story out into the world with the potential of making a difference. The old adage “you are what you eat” applies to all consumption. So be mindful of what you put out into the world. As our stories are consumed they are creating the world we live in.

 At the tri we believe that you vote with your dollars. It is our mission to spread the awareness of conscious businesses that are creating positive change in the world. In this way, people become informed and thereby empowered to invest in a better tomorrow. The same applies to media. Invest in the media that is making a positive impact. Follow the people and channels that are spreading awareness authentically. Share these independent media channels with your family and friends. Most of all, remember that you are the key to creating change. Through your passion, your voice, your action… you have the power to create our world. Participate, and help us write our story

“We will not be silent, Democracy now!”

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