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artivists: the tri wants you

written by trilov3r October 16, 2017
artivists: the tri wants you

artivists wanted.

we are looking for a few many good (wo)men.

Our information, the very data we consume and use to formulate our opinions and beliefs, has come under attack in recent years. The enemy? Those who have chosen to put the importance of their bottom line in front of the lives of the rest of us. They have chosen to fight with the weapons of lies, deceit, manipulation and false equivalencies. They have attempted to convince us all that “facts” and “truth” are subjective.

it’s time we fought back.

We are attempting to gather an army. An army of artists, of activists, of artivists to combat this enemy in a way they cannot possibly defend against. With truth.

With truth.

Truth gift-wrapped in the visually-stunning work or our army of visual artists. Truth with a bow tied by the notes of a legion of talented musicians. Truth with a card written by a battalion of poets, writers, journalists and signed by the thousands, potentially millions who receive and share that message.

We are creating a present for the world and that present is “change.” Real change. We must capture the attention of the masses. Because it is currently being captured by the wrong side.

We are going the wrong way and we need your help to change that.

We are looking for a few many good:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Musicians
  • Writers
  • Journalists
  • Animators
  • Artists of all mediums

If you are an artist of any measure, we need your help creating real, true, meaningful content that will capture the attention of the masses long enough to plant the seeds of change in their minds.

This is the moment. This is why you became an artist. To have voice. To have reach. To affect people. This is the moment for your work to shine and be seen by the world.

We need you. The world needs you.

Please offer your contact information, so that we can begin to fight this war together.

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for more information about the tri, the roots of the tri, our core values, and the branches those roots feed, please read the following:

[skin-link-button text=”the tri: about us” url=”http://ba2.f0d.mwp.accessdomain.com/about-us/”/]

[skin-link-button text=”the tri: roots” url=”http://ba2.f0d.mwp.accessdomain.com/the-roots/”/]

[skin-link-button text=”the tri: branches” url=”http://ba2.f0d.mwp.accessdomain.com/the-branches/”/]

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