written by Ernesto Borges June 15, 2018
I don’t want any of us to die, before we give ourselves a fair chance to LIVE! No one can tell you how to be you so always pursue what is the truth inside of you, the truth of what you enjoy, and the truth of what feels good!
By definition, PRIDE! Is a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction of one’s own achievements. By rule, PRIDE! Is the way you truthfully and unapologetically move, express, and love!
Being involved in PRIDE! Month and celebrations is important because we are the endorsements to our environments. So every opportunity is our chance to foster, feed, and endorse the communities that strive on self-love and the freedom to express that love! 
Until we start loving ourselves and the differences of others, we will never know peace. And without the knowledge of peace, we will never be free. Whether she be he or he be she, receive that love is love!   – Puscie Jones. 



We are living in the a very auspicious time where our ability to express ourselves has expanded beyond the confines of old social constructs. As we continue to merge our consciousness with the expansiveness of the internet and our technology, we are beginning to see a new paradigm of interconnectedness emerging into our culture. We are shedding the Old World programming that told us we must act, be and think within the conditioned box of religious and political guidelines. As we emerge into this new, unrestrained human experience, we have discovered something truly powerful and beautiful, we have discovered our true-self.

The new conscious cultural paradigm of open minded humans are gathering in June to celebrate PRIDE month. A beautiful expression of our ability to be authentic with ourselves, while living in alignment with our truth. PRIDE month is a celebration of authentic LOVE, honoring that love cannot be put in a box and only expressed between a woman and a man. The LGBT community is a divine representation of not allowing old cultural restraints to dictate how we LOVE. This month during PRIDE we encourage ALL to celebrate… Yes, even if you are straight! This is about supporting our birth right to live our truths and to be comfortable with ourselves in the world. This is about standing up for equality, our right to be heard, and our right to be authentically and unapologetically proud of who we are.

How can we support PRIDE Month?

  • Show up and be counted.

Show up to a PRIDE march or local pride event. Represent equality with a human rights campaign sticker, or a rainbow flag. Give a shout out on social media letting people know that you support LOVE in all of its expressions.

  • Speak up and support others.

Support the LGBT community by letting them know you are proud of their PRIDE. If you know someone who is struggling with coming out and standing in their truth, encourage them that it is their birthright to live their truth. Coming out of the closet isn’t easy, especially when we fear the reaction of our family and friends. At the end of the day it’s not our concern what other people think of us. This life is ours to live, and true happiness only comes from living an authentic life.

  • Ask yourself the question, “Am I living in my truth?”.

So many of us take on the identity of our job, our roles as parents, children, students. Strip away all of your titles and look at the raw reflection of your soul. What makes your come alive? What brings you the greatest joy? What is your passion? Find your authentic expression of life and share it with the world!

PRIDE Month is an opportunity for us to come together and defend our rights for equality and express our individuality. We are ALL ONE and the common thread that weaves us together is the roots of this new paradigm that is emerging. For these roots to nourish our culture we must stand up for equality. If equality is our roots, individuality is the bloom. It is the coming out like a flower coming to bloom that showcases our individuality. The bloom of our authentic expression is a potent and powerful tool that aids in the thriving of our new conscious cultural paradigm.


So in the spirit of PRIDE: Be proud of who you are and Love Yo Self!



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