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written by Brandon Stephenson August 27, 2018

Beach Clean & Surf Sambazon Initiative

@sambazon Beach Clean & Surf Join #theconsciousparty movement by being active in your community and taking the initiative to take care of your environment while your are having fun. It takes a tribe to thrive! #sambazon #wakeupwarrior #purplefortheplanet #thetriorg #thetri #theconsciousparty #açaí #acaibowl #superfood #fairtrade #allone #vegan #organic #nongmo #sustainableliving #beachcleanup #community #mindbodysoul #savetheplanet #recycling #green #votewithyourdollar #theconsciousparty

Posted by the tri on Monday, August 27, 2018

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Whoever said that cleaning cant be fun apparently never participated in Sambazon’s Beach Clean and Surf.Sambazon Acai is well known for there initiatives in saving the rainforest, but they don’t stop there. This southern California based company is also focused on their local community.

Their triple bottom line business model measures success not just by profit, but also by their social and environmental impact.


The Sambazon Crew alongside their friends and family participate in cleaning the San Onofre state beach three times a year. They followed the clean-up with a company surfing workshop. Local surfer and Sambazon CEO Ryan Black led the community in surf lessons before they took to the waves.

We often speak on the importance of voting with your dollars, but you can also vote with your time. It doesn’t cost a thing to participate in creating the world you want to see. It starts with the small things, the one bag of trash. Then as our actions ripple out they become waves of inspiration and impact.


Imagine what our communities would look like if we all committed to doing our part. Next time you venture out to your local beach, park or even neighborhood sidewalk bring a bag with you to fill. You would be surprised how quickly you could fill a bag with a trash. One bag and one person doesn’t seem like much, but our singular actions ripple out into the collective.

We challenge you to commit a pocket of your time and energy to clean up your community.  Snap a selfie of your community clean up action, share it on Instagram and tag  @thetriorg. Let’s inspire each other, and work together toward a brighter, cleaner future.  It takes a tribe to thrive.


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