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    Street River: Revitalizing Amazon River Communities Through Art

    Among the conscious community, there is a lot of reverence for the Amazon and its people.

    The foundation of so many of our progressive efforts are rooted in the ancient wisdom practices passed down by the tribes people of the Amazon. Their connection to nature, their deep wisdom and sacred traditions have permeated the minds of the west. We fly south to partake in retreats, hiking adventures, and medicine journeys that shape our lives and enhance our connection to self, nature, and spirit. All the while the communities of the Amazon lack access to education, housing, and clean water. Brazilian street artist Seba Tapajos @sebatapajos in collaboration with Sambazon Acai are working to revitalize these communities with their project: Street River.


    Street River is an ongoing revitalization project that improves Amazon river communities by providing access to art, clean water, clean solar energy, education, housing, health centers, and workshops. Seba gathered up artist that wanted to use the power of art to positively transform the lives of the river communities. In Partnership with Sambazon, Street River will revitalize 15 stilt houses along the Amazon river, renovate 7 canoes used for local transportation, rebuild two decks that are used as access to homes and schools, educate 100 adults and 500 children in artistic workshops and residencies. In addition to all of this, they have partnered with water waves to install 20 water filters that will serve 1300 people per day for the next five years. They also partnered with solution electrical efficiency to install solar panels on the roof of a daycare school that serves 200 hundred children.



    “Fair trade is about so much more than fair wages. It’s about uplifting the communities we work with” -Sambazon

    Since 2014, the event brings together exponents of the street art scene from Brazil and the world to improve living conditions along the Amazon River near Belém do Pará, by bringing arts, education, and recognition for approximately 20,000 native people, which for decades has been marginalized by the Brazilian government.



    The leader of this project, Seba Tapajos says “Street River is a treaty of social responsibility with the riverside people. It is an urgent project of an invisible Amazon, a community surrounded by water but without drinking water 15 to 30 minutes from the lamb but without sanitation that pay energy bills but are without lights 24 hours or more weekly and I feel how fundamental it is not only to support but to sponsor the annual maintenance of the project as well as the actions of the Institute in projects like these for the Amazon, and  especially for the traditional people that inhabit it.”



    The artist and media partners in this project are volunteers who donate their time and talent. That’s why Street River is aiming to raise $50,000 to make this project happen. If you want to take action and help benefit the lives of around 4,000 residents.

    Get to know more about this project here http://institutostreetriver.eco.br



    July 19, 2019
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