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Compassion in Action Paradise and Chico Community initiative

written by Ernesto Borges January 18, 2019

What are the best options that we have to help those in need after a natural disaster?

There are Many different ways to provide help and one of the most effective ones is by Donating money.

Why money? the money can be use directly the problems that are all ready identified. The organizations in service can buy what they need the moment that they need it, they can actually source and purchase supplies locally reactivating the economy, this is the most effective way to help in Ground-Zero affected areas.

Here there is an example of what happen with donations that are sent with the best intentions. A very good example of this is water, 100.000 liters on plastic bottle of water was sent to West Africa. Lest think about this and be conscious about it, what happen to all of those plastic single use containers? right a lot of pollution. Well the cost of trasnporting this water was $300,000 Dollars, is it worth? while relief organizations produce the same amount of water with water filtration systems that get integrated in to the communities for long term uses for a cost of under $500 dollars.

Often people donate their most loved items as a representation of love with good intentions, and most of the times these are not need it in disaster relief areas.

People donates thousands of thousands of clothing, do you really want to know what happen to all this?. 80% of the times it gets rotten and ends up being burn generating more pollution in the affected area, Why? it takes time way from the people that’s working in the disaster relief areas, the amount of space that requires to keep it in good conditions.

We have the opportunity to partner with Justin Baker who is the person in charge Grass Roots alliance a non profit organization in charge of redistributing donations from Dr. Bronners Soaps, Organic Valley, Nature’s Path, Nancy Probiotics Foods, Thrive Market, Patagonia Provisions en partnering with other NGO’S like Burners With Out Borders in Collaboration with the Mayan Warrior Camp, Bringing a Refer Container this way the North State Food Bank in the city of Chico.

Mayan Warrior Refer Container being used for cold food storage in the Chico North State Food Bank

The Food Boxes of food made by the North State food Bank and Grass roots alliance are going to be distributed for the rest of the year to the people affected in the fires every Friday of the month At the Chico Masonic Family Center From 10:00 am until 1:00 pm

It is Inspiring seeing the community participating together and bringing them solutions in the most Sustaintable way starting with the most basic necessity, feeding thousands of families with organic and healthy food.


“Christmas Day was great for my family, I not only had this privilege of giving them cash from personal donations, but your offerings of food as well. Everyone Says BIG THANKS”. – Fran Miller

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