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Freedom is the ability to vote with your dollar

written by Brandon Stephenson July 4, 2018
Freedom is the ability to vote with your dollar
Freedom, its something so crucial to our lives that we are willing to die for it. Throughout our human history, so many have given their lives to the cause. On this independence day, we reflect on the freedom we have here in the United States of America. We gather with our community and celebrate our ability to be a sovereign people that have a choice. Where does our freedom come from? Some say it comes from the government, some say it comes from sacrifice, some say it is something that can’t be given but that lives inside of us. While each of these sources has some truth to them, the ultimate playground of freedom is capitalism.

Wait, don’t turn away just yet…

I know capitalism has had a bad rap, especially in the conscious community. I ask that you keep an open mind as I offer a refreshing perspective that highlights its potential.

The free market is built around providing access to goods and services for the people by the people. It is our ability as entrepreneurs to see a need in the community and provide a solution that generates success. The success of a business is a direct reflection of their ability to give the people what they are asking for. In this way it is our voice, the voice of the people, that determines what businesses are successful. In short, we vote with our dollars. Capitalism is the only system where we have the power to dictate what stays and what has to go.  As we continue to expand our awareness and collectively grow, our needs change and we ask the market to fulfill these needs.
In a recent podcast with Aubrey Marcus of Onnit.com and Ryan Moran of capitalism.com, they discussed how capitalism is the essence of freedom and the best answer to solving so many of the problems we are facing today.
“Solutions to global warming or climate change are going to come from the market. I would argue that Elon Musk has probably done more to facilitate change in this area then government ever could. It will come from private solutions and the marketplace will determine what those solutions are.” -Ryan Moran”
Anybody with even a glimmer of awareness can see that there are many issues we are facing in the collective. While we celebrate our freedom of choice here in America there are millions of people who don’t even have the choice to drink to clean water. Thankfully because of capitalism and the empowering freedom that comes from it, we can choose to make a difference by investing in the companies that share our compassion and are creating solutions. Like our partners Numi Organic Tea, that are building wells and bringing clean, safe drinking water to farming communities around the world. Their program H20PE is making a huge impact and we have the ability to support that impact by voting with our dollars.   
Aubrey Marcus reminds us that
“We are the most charitable nation in the world and we are one of the freest nations in the world as well. This correlation between freedom and generosity is established in macro. We will help each other if given the opportunity to help each other. It is the faith in humanity and the nourishment of the faith that is necessary.“
Our compassion for one another is wired into us. We all desire for our fellow brothers and sisters to live life to its optimal potential. We all can agree that we want to see the clean air, clean oceans, and a thriving rainforest. We see this compassion and desire to see a change represented by our community. Sambazon acai recently ran a 30-day promotion around earth day called “Purple for the Planet.” They vowed that if you colored your hair purple, took a selfie and tagged their company they would buy 5 acres of rainforest in a conservation effort to protect this most precious resource. So many compassionate individuals took action during this campaign, that Sambazon was able to protect 126,270 acres of rainforest and save 216 species in just 30 days!

Conscious businesses using their position in the free market to be an instrument of change is a testament to capitalism being an essential pillar of our freedom. We can use our freedom within commerce to create the changes we want to see. Why wait for the government to get behind our ethos and point blaming fingers at these institutions? They have no motivation to create solutions. The power to create action in the world is ours. We have all heard the saying “Put your money where your mouth is.” What do you speak out about? What do you care about?  Your money is your energy, it represents your voice. How will you use it?  Invest in the solutions and choose the companies that are making waves of impact that resonate with your ethos.
“As a business owner that has something good. It is a moral responsibility, if you have something good, to get it out to as many people as possible. The only way to do that is if it is sustainable and profitable. In that context, it is a moral imperative to be as successful as possible because it means that the good things you are sharing and spreading are going out to as many people as possible.” -Ryan Moran
Imlak’esh Organics have developed a business model where they sustainably distribute superfoods from around the world. Their superfoods are enhancing the health and well-being of all those that invest in them. At the same time, those people who are enhancing their own personal health are also investing in the health, and well-being of others. Imlak’esh is a community-centric family of superfood revolutionaries choosing to make a positive impact on the future. They are building the synergy between local agricultural economies and the global marketplace; providing living wages and socio-economic opportunities for indigenous farming communities.

These models of conscious business by our partners at the tri are an inspiring glimpse of what is possible. We can cultivate more freedom, and abundance for ALL if we use the power of our freedom responsibly. While capitalism tends to scare away people in the conscious community, we are aiming to redefine this lens. It is through capitalism and the freedom it provides that we can choose the world we want to live in.

Freedom is the ability to vote with your dollars. Happy 4th of July! 

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