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Gratefulness Feed our Souls initiative

written by Ernesto Borges December 19, 2018
Gratefulness Feed our Souls initiative
Feeding people in need is not just simply giving away food. It is an act of service, allowing us to feel compassion and mutual vulnerability on both sides. When we give support and we open our hearts to send a vibration of love, we awaken our souls and connect to a higher purpose.

We arose early on Sunday morning and headed down over to one of the must sensitive area in America, San Julian Park in Skid Row, Downtown Los Angeles. We came to participate in nourishing the souls of our most unfortunate brothers and sisters.  This act of service helps us to not forget about the simplest things in life that transmit happiness, like a haircut, or a good conversation in an effort to connect with one another.  It means a warm and a cozy blanket to sleep on, a body massage to relax, a facial cleanse massage or a hot meal of tasty, organic food. These are things that most of us take for granted in our regular daily lives but mean so much to those in need.  

Adrian Varella, founder of the non-profit and organizer of the event, Disclosurefest, started the opening ceremony with a prayer of gratitude. He was joined by John Ash of Natural Leaders Foundation, speaking on the abundance of love and happiness in our community. A blessing of sage was burnt for participants and clothing was distributed to those in need by a host of volunteers. Children were able to play with arts and crafts and music was played by LA’s best DJ, Danni G. Elias Shephard of Haircuts for Heroes gave free cuts and made locals feel renewed. Organic food was provided by Follow your Heart, and acai fruit smoothies were blended up to delight of many. Ryan Black of the non-profit, the tri, was distributing Imlakesh chocolate treats and organic energy drinks from Sambazon. Most crucially, a large number of volunteers from Disclosurefest came to participate and take action in this gathering and sharing of love. Each of them were individually connecting with those in need, and collectively raising the vibration of the entire neighborhood.

It was a very gratifying and uplifting activity that helped us understand the things that are most important in our lives. It is a way we can find compassion in service, to lend a hand and to simply help one another. For us, and for less fortunate brothers and sisters, it was a good day. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve and to try to focus on a more lovely path in a way that maybe we can make the world a better place. 

 “Such a blessing I’ve been looking for my peeps I found it last Sunday” – Elias Shephard

Ana Conscious Ambasador 

“They ask me why I do this for other people. I just keep saying – we are all one. That helps me to better understand and cherish myself as a part of the world life chain. We feed people not only with the food – but mostly with love and kindness. It’s priceless.»
« Love is an act of voting with your positive actions. Love is a verb. And when u have an opportunity to express it through making people happy – you are voting for making world a better place.  Not just thinking, but making”.

Hanna Orcutt

“My time with The Tri has really touched my soul and opened up my heart to a world of love and purpose. I always leave an event with more knowledge about our Earth and more compassion for our brothers and sisters all around us. I’m inspired by the vision they have, the effort they put in, and the faith that we truly have the power to change the world for the better!” 

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