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the tri: history

About a decade ago, a young group of social entrepreneurs realized that through our businesses we could create positive socio-economic change in society.  Further, that our organic brands awarded us a platform which could be used to create awareness for a new kind of organization; a collective, non-profit entity which could inspire, educate and empower our and the next generations to use their resources with the intention for good.

And so, we are assembling an esteemed group of dedicated, awakened individuals under a common agenda to create a roadmap for the future we desire — people who are alive, people who care, people who are committed to being part of the resolution.


We envision a global community of peace and love achievable through:

  • Banding together as one people in unity to raise the vibration and global consciousness and reduce suffering in the world – People
  • Responsibly stewarding our planet and its resources in closed loop, cradle to cradle systems, creating mid-course corrections to our path – Planet
  • Making each dollar spent and each decision made with specific intent to create a positive chain reaction to power our movement and manifest the future we want to create – Participation