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Leading With A Dream: How Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Shaped History

written by Brandon Stephenson January 21, 2019
Leading With A Dream:  How Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Shaped History

We are a country defined by its leaders and the movements they inspire. In a capitalist society anyone can rise to leadership. With the right mix of passion, courage, vulnerability, and resilience, a leader can cultivate their dreams into movements and thereby shape history. A truly powerful leader is an empowering leader, one that gives others the opportunity to be leaders and own the movement as their own. Dr. King empowered others by leading them to the leader within themselves.

This is how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. went from being a young suppressed minister with a dream, to one of America’s greatest heroes.  Dr. King knew the best way to lead was to inspire others to become leaders themselves. With this strategy, he gave others a new sense of self-identity. This gave them ownership over the movement. They didn’t feel like they were following a leader, or following a movement… they were the leader and this was their movement.   His message and leadership strategies not only shaped the civil rights movement but continue to pierce our hearts and inspire millions.

Long after the civil rights movement, his words continue to ring on. Why is this? We may have come along way since the civil rights movement, but our country is starving for great leaders! MLK stands the test of time, because of how he led. In an era before social media or cell phones, where information moved slowly, Dr. King’s message was able to bring together over 250,000 people for the historic “March On Washington.” There is something incredibly intoxicating about those numbers. People traveled from all over, many by bus for days across the country to take part in the march. It wasn’t Martin Luther King that they showed up for, it was for themselves, their families, and THEIR movement.

You may be wondering, how did he do this?  

When Dr. King got in front of an audience he didn’t say “this is what I think,” or “this is what you should do.” He got up on the mic and proclaimed “I have a dream!” He shared what he believed. He spoke with a passion about the “WHY” behind his actions. Those listening fell into resonance as he spoke to something deeper, something that was inside of them too. Their fear and logic might have said, “It’s impossible, we have been oppressed for so long… the government will not listen, they are too big, they have to much power. How can we the powerless stand up against them.” But Dr. King didn’t speak to get them thinking, he did not activate their logical egoic mind. He spoke to something deeper, he spoke to activate their emotional body. This is the power of sharing your dream… this is what is known as  “The Golden Why.”

As we reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King today, let his leadership skills inspire you to be the leader in your life. Dig up “The Why” behind your actions, and share your dream with others. Movements are not made by telling others what to do or how to be. Movements are made by expressing “the golden why” that is behind them. The “WHY” is what you believe, it is the driving force of creation and we can take part in shaping our future with this understanding.

Here at the tri we believe that loving each other as brothers and sisters is our highest accomplishment. We believe that environmental stewardship and sustainability are an achievable harmony. We believe that each and every citizen hold the power in their hands to participate in their democracy by intentionally voting with their dollars.

We believe that we are all in this together, and that together we can make a change.  

If you share our dream, follow us on social media…Share the tri pledge with your community and together we will ignite a movement to create the world we believe is possible.

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