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Mass Meditation Initiative presented by Disclosure Fest

written by Brandon Stephenson June 27, 2018

What happens when yogi’s, gnomes, and beings of light come together in celebration?

The Mass Meditation Initiative: presented by Disclosure fest.


This one day conscious festival in the newly renovated Heritage Park in Downtown Los Angeles brought out a myriad of beings (some not of this world). Smiling eyes and painted faces weaved among bare feet, yoga mats, flow-toys and telescopes.

The event had some of the biggest names in the conscious living movement come to inspire and share their wisdom. Throughout the day there was yoga and healing art workshops, music & dance classes, permaculture presentations, and alien guru’s speaking on disclosure. Dance music, world music, and high vibe acoustic sets filled the air and moved feet over the grassy fields.  This eclectic array of music and presentations attracted a unique blend of people under the common thread of conscious living and community.



With so much to witness and experience you could find entertainment or education at any moment of the event. At 2 pm the festival came together in a silent moment of prayer as thousands joined together in the mass meditation initiative. With the collective intention of healing ourselves and the planet, a deep breath of gratitude followed by an exhale of love moved out into the world.



This gathering represented what’s possible when open minds align with radiant loving hearts. This collective experience left the festival participants feeling a deep connection with one another. It was beautiful to witness the community come together in participation for people and planet. We felt our tri’s ethos reflected deeply by the community that showed up. 



The main stage of the festival featured healing music from many cultures. A beautiful reflection of the inclusivity and reverence for ALL of our brothers and sisters. The stage symbolically faced a hillside covered in flags from all countries. Watching these flags wave together in the wind was a powerful display that captured the vision of One Family, One Earth. Under the one sun, we moved together to sounds of rich medicine music from around the world.


Karen Seva brought the children of the festival on the main stage to sing multicultural songs of healing. Brazilian artist, Porangui, headlined the stage bringing ancestral songs and indigenous rhythms from a wide range of cultures. His live sound was the perfect blend between a meditative soundscape and dance party. He moved the audience and uplifted the spirit as we transcended the divide. The audience moved as one through their individual expressions of dance, acro-yoga, flow arts and Jedi ninja tricks.  
Just beyond the main stage crowds swarmed around a tent called the summoners. A group of people summoning the alien starships to join us and aid in our mission to heal the planet. Everyone stared, starry-eyed up into the clear blue sky and then suddenly, pointing up with their jaws dropped in awe.         
Yes. The aliens arrived!

Shimmering discs floated in the sky reflecting light and dancing like lightning bugs but with no inherent pattern. Cameras pointed up trying to capture the flickering orbs, as so many had their first ever experience of seeing a real UFO.
On the other end of the festival was the tri zone, a conscious party full of immersive experiences, soul moving music, and community vibes. The Phoenix stage sat perched alongside the tri’s conscious party bus. The bus was complete with a rooftop deck and perches extending out from its sides that allowed onlookers a birds-eye view of the festival and Phoenix stage. This community-centric hot spot featured conscious music from singer-songwriters and some of LA’s hottest DJ’s.


The bus featured conscious brands and gave festival participants an opportunity to learn about voting with their dollars and the positive impact of supporting companies like Guayaki Yerba Mate, Imlak’esh Organics, Numi Tea, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, Sambazon Açai, Agraloop textiles and AnnMarie organic skin care.


The tea tent was a popular nearby spot that provided a shady beautiful aesthetic, and free tea compliments of Numi Tea, and Guayaki. The tea tent stewarded deep conversations and community connection. The area was accompanied by essential oil healings and sound bowls that curated a divine sensory experience.


During the heat of the afternoon, Dr. Bronner’s sponsored the foam for a refreshing foamtub experience.


Kids and adults stripped down to their skivvies and sprayed with refreshing foam and water. The foam party quickly turned into a slip and slide with wild, joyful children sliding on top of foam covered mats. Parents joined in too as the foam continued to be sprayed out into the crowd. The foam was followed by sprays of water leaving the participants feeling clean and refreshed with giant smiles.

The largest smiles at the festival had to be at the Fungineers açai ice cream truck.


The Fungineers closed out the event with an epic show that left lasting impressions on kids of all ages. Feel-good jingles creatively written in the key of silliness blasted out of pastel-painted speakers mounted onto a Dr. Seuss looking ice cream truck. Cone gnomes danced on top and around the truck with pointed ice cream cone hats and bright playful outfits. Out of the side of the ice cream truck puppets, wizards, and fairy godmothers put on a DJ set that was literally from out of this world. Live looping of vocals and sounds layered with effects, created a dreamy dance-pop vibe with rich notes of yummy bass and thoughtfully silly lyrics. A team of ice cream gnomes perched off the back of the truck making Sambazon Açai ice cream cones for the crowd.


It’s not every day that a dancing gnome with a curly mustache makes you a freshly pressed açai waffle cone filled with superfood ice cream. By far their performance inspired the biggest smiles of the whole event.



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