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tri partner page: Numi tea

Our Story

The vision at Numi Tea is to inspire well-being of mind, body, and spirit through the simple art of tea. Through authenticity, creativity, and commitment to people and planet, we bring you the purest best tasting organic tea.

Founder’s Story

Numi is a labor of love by a brother and sister. She is the artist and he is the alchemist behind all of Numi’s blends.
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Numi Tea’m

Numi is an organization that celebrates difference and creativity. Our office provides a vibrant space that invites all employees to find their own thoughts and visions and take the tea transformation. Learn more…

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Numi Foundation

The Numi Foundation’s mission is to nurture and empower thriving communities. We envision a world where all basic human needs are met and people have the
resources to fulfill their greatest potential.. Learn more…

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Organic Certification is especially important when it comes to tea.  Organic cultivation protects the environment, the farmers, and you. Learn more…

Numi tea bags are made with natural hemp-based, unbleached filter-paper. They are biodegradable and home compostable. Visit the  Non-GMO Verification Project website for more information.

Celebrating People
Our Fair Trade and Fair Labor certifications focus on improving labor and workplace conditions for our farmers and their communities. Learn more…


Numi Tea is a Founding B-Certified Corporation. Certified B Corporations are purpose-driven companies that create benefit for shareholders, employees, the community and the environment.


numi tea eco-responsibility


Our commitment includes sourcing organic teas and herbs, eco-responsible packaging, and offsetting our carbon emissions. Learn more…