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written by trilov3r September 25, 2017

there are real winds of change blowing in america. businesses are acting with accountability under their own consciences. people are gathering together in mind and in body. numbers are increasing at alarmingly-welcomed rates. every day, people are becoming conscious as to the world around them. the oregon eclipse event was a shining example of that change. welcome to the party.

Recently, the tri and its partners made the long, but wondrous trek to Big Summit Prairie, Oregon for the Oregon Eclipse 2017 Festival.

This extraordinary Symbiosis event began on August 17th and ended, all-too-soon on August 23rd. The astronomical event on the 21st was bookended by 3 days on each side with a literal whos-who of deejays, artists & leading performers in today’s music and festival scene.

However, the week-long extravaganza proved to be so much more to those that were lucky enough, and ambitious enough to make the trek deep into the Oregon countryside. There was, for lack of a more appropriate term, an amazing vibe. One of peace, one of love and one of change.

Event coordinators had planned for 30,000 to attend, but when all was said and done, it was estimated by many that number surpassed 60,000 souls.  Normally, such an overage would end in a melee of chaos, but it seemed to have worked in quite the opposite direction. Perhaps that was just an amplification of the positive energy beaming from the 1Nation Earth Camp, a meeting of the tribal elders of the native tribes of the Americas with the sole intent of harmonizing and figuring out how to make this solar event a shifting point for all mankind. That shift being in a new direction of peace and love among all the Earth’s sisters and brothers, and a new respect for our Mother Earth.

Basically, they met to figure out how to save us all from this path of damage and destruction we have driven ourselves down. And, the power of that positive energy created by such a selfless act was heard and amplified throughout the festival by all those in attendance. Vendors and businesses whose ideologies aligned under a triple-bottom-line mentality joined together to provide food, drink, services & goods that were sustainable and conscious of our world and its environment.

The tri pitched its small-circus-sized tent for the 5th festival this year, where it held a serious of lectures and discussions, the tri talks, on subjects involving sustainability, ecology, cryptocurrencies and a very special talk with Adam Eidinger and his inspiring story of his years-long battles with the federal government on numerous issues of rights and the progression of the Catharsis on the Mall events from last year’s event  to this coming November’s event.

The tri’s partners were strongly in attendance and played integral roles throughout the event.

Annmarie Skin Care provided protection from the sun and elements with its line of carefully-selected organic and wild-crafted ingredients. And, a DIY mask station was set up at the Oasis to offer attendees not only recuperation for their skin from the harsh Oregon dust but a chance to pamper themselves and amplify their inner and outer beauty.

Numi Organic Teas were served to truth-seekers throughout the festival providing health-conscious, environment-conscious and therefore world-conscious refreshment from the powerful Oregon sun and the dry, dusty climate of Big Prairie Summit. The pure energy provided by Numi’s teas helped patrons not just survive but strive through the long, experience-filled days. while at twilight, they provided the focused calm necessary to prepare patrons for each night’s festivities. The calm before the storm of sensory experience.

Thrive Market memberships were distributed to festival-goers who were inspired by the cornucopia of fair-trade, sustainable, organic delicacies made available by vendors to make changes in their everyday diet, eating and food-shopping habits.

Sambazon Açaí volunteered a nearly-endless supply of its superfruit to camps, nourishing and energizing crews to accomplish the massive tasks involved with festival-related projects, as well as the fuel needed to enjoy each night and recharge each and every morning.

Last, but certainly not least, Dr. Bronner’s showered the festival in its long line of socially and environmentally responsible soaps. The Bronner’s gang even built badly-needed outdoor showers and services for the 1Nation Earth Camp.

Together with its partners, the tri was not only in attendance of the Oregon Eclipse 2017 Festival, but all were active participants, each playing integral roles in creating or advancing the overall experience for everyone. They informed they educated, they inspired tens of thousands to be more conscious as to the world around them. Some might ponder,  “how big a footprint 60,000 human beings would leave?” In the end, thanks to the ideologies of conscious companies like Dr. Bronner’s, Numi Tea, Thrive market, Annmarie Skincare, and Sambazon, and the numerous others involved in the event, that answer is “none.”

The Oregon Eclipse Festival was a merely a guide. An example of a new perspective. A sign of change to come.

when businesses and individuals are conscious, we can eclipse and inspire those who are still asleep.”


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