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We believe that we can use commerce as a vehicle to promote positive socio-economic change, and we will build and operate our companies with a triple bottom line philosophy.

Requirements for organizations to partner with the tri:

  1. Demonstration of triple bottom line success, or plan for addressing shortcomings
  2. Application process and qualification, committee review and acceptance
  3. Annual fee based on company size and level of marketing partnership

Benefits to tri partner organizations:

  1. Digital marketing promotion on tri website and social channels and custom original content creation for your brand
  2. tri tour participation and promotion at multiple transformative festivals and events including the tri’s “organic roots” expo west party
  3. Promotion and inclusion in tri materials, use of tri partnership stamp on packaging

If you have any questions or would like to learn about how to get involved, please email us at info@thetri.org


There are a number of ways to make a daily change with your everyday decisions.

  • Purchasing – we are talking about uniting together based on common values inside a circle of trust. Make your purchases inside of that circle. Purchases outside may not be fueling the right solutions. Check here to get the download www.gamechangers500.com
  • DIY – skill building for lifestyle changes, etc. In our communication, we are providing constant information on how to save money while being more ecologically responsible, loving and healthy
  • Community Contribution – get out and get involved, guaranteed to enrich your life, make you happier and feel wonderful.
  • Entrepreneurial mentoring – We have a team of warriors who can support you in the business forum.
  • Podcasts and blogs on how to live a tri life.

There are already many amazing, inspiring individuals living the life that awaits our humanity. There are already businesses going the extra mile, behaving as good corporate citizens.

The tri illuminates the inspirational actions of these people and their activities. We dissect the nuances and elements that make them special and a component of the antidote.

We offer them supporting tools to empower people to participate in the transformation of life from a place of sickness and dread to a place of fulfillment and opportunity.

We are creating and consolidating the best practices. And this all needs to be done with song, rhythm, and fun.