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5 De Mayo ways to be Bueno

written by Brandon Stephenson May 5, 2019
5 De Mayo ways to be Bueno

We want to celebrate this Cinco De Mayo with our tri partner Papa Bueno and share these 5 inspiring conscious party tips. Enjoy!

  1. Drink Responsibly –

When we hear this, we think “don’t be stupid.” No driving, don’t try that backflip, and show the ladies some respect yo! But this ain’t your average party blog, this is a conscious party blog! So when we say drink responsibly we also mean, where did you source your social lubricants? By choosing companies like Papa Bueno Tequila we can ensure our drinking will be done the conscious party way – with integrity.

2. G.A.F. –

I think DGAF (Don’t-Give-A-F***) is the worst good-time party mantra that has ever surfaced. I suggest we change it to GAF because when we party with a purpose we actually GIVE-A-F***. If you see something… say something!

3. You are what you DRINK –

We always hear you are what you eat, but what about what we drink? Our bodies are mostly liquid, so be mindful of the beverages you choose to consume this Cinco De Mayo. Additives + fillers + excessive sugar + no water = HANGOVER. The more-pure your drink the more-pure your buzz. That’s why we dig the 100% pure agave of Papa Bueno.

4. Consciously Creative –

Mix up your favorite tri brands to make a conscious cocktail. If you have never mixed a frozen sambazon acai pack with papa bueno tequila then I highly recommend you indulge. Add in some lime juice, a touch of agave and some himalayan sea salt on the rim of your glass. Now that is true to form Conscious Party Cocktail.

5. Leave It Better –

If you have one too many conscious cocktails chances are you may get a little sloppy. If your finding it hard to walk to the trash can then it’s probably time to call it quits. As a conscious catalyst we encourage you to set an example in your community. If you see someone is having a “real good time” and not being responsible with their trash. Lend your hand, and maybe give them a gentle reminder. We recently bared witness to Lucidity Festival in Santa Barbara California where thousands of people gathered to consciously party. It was amazing to see not a single piece of trash on the ground after the music on main stage ended. We can bring this kind of vibe to our communities, and it starts with us.

Have fun Conscious Catalysts, and in the words of Papa Bueno… “BE BUENO!”

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