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Purple for the Planet

written by Brandon Stephenson July 27, 2018
Purple for the Planet

What happens when 25,000+ people dye their hair purple?

On Earth Day April 22nd, 2018 Sambazon Acai launched a conservation campaign called Purple the Planet.  They proposed that they would buy and protect 5 acres of rainforest for every purple head they saw on social media. The instructions were simple: Color your hair purple, take a selfie and tag it @sambazon #PurpleForThePlanet. They gave a 30-day window to the public to participate in being a part of protecting this most precious resource.

All the proceeds from Purple for the Planet went to the Rainforest Trust’s “save an acre” program. This program is working to protect endangered regions of biodiverse rainforests across the globe.  Biodiversity is crucial to the health and well-being of the entire planet. Biodiversity is essentially the earth’s genetic library, including ALL animals, plants, and organisms.  Each organism plays a very important role in maintaining the balance and continuation of life on this planet. Biodiversity is an essential pillar of a healthy eco-system. As we lose masses of biodiverse land to monocropping and factory farming, now more than ever, we MUST make a vigilant effort to conserve and protect biodiversity. Our lives literally depend on it.


Sambazon has been working to protect the rainforest and its rich biodiversity for over 20 years by sustainably growing and sharing acai around the world. It takes a tribe to thrive, and Sambazon knew that to really make a big impact they must involve our global tribe. The campaign became a platform for Sambazon to spread awareness and educate the public on the importance of biodiversity and conservation. They expressed that for every 584 acres of rainforest cut down we lose 1 species to extinction. That means they could save 1 species for every 584 acres they saved! Sambazon put out the goal of saving 17,520 acres and 30 species. The campaign was set to end on “World Biodiversity Day” May 22, 2018. At the end of the 30 days, 25,000+ people together with Sambazon Acai and protected 126,270 acres of rainforest and saved 216 species.

So what happens when 25,000 people dye their hair purple?

They save the planet! 


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