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written by trilov3r March 19, 2017
Rise, my people, rise and touch the light of the midday sun. Rise, my children, into the depths of the heart of the sea. Rise my little birds, take flight on the wind and sow your seeds of abundant love. Rise my star beings to infinity and beyond.

Arise my beloveds to the infinite potential that is your undefined soul…. and once you have risen to what you believe is the all of your potential… take a breath… gaze into the mirror…  and rest within the being of being a “human being” … expand outward, beyond notions of boundaries and dimensions… become the limitless potential that awaits you within the unknown, uncharted and undiscovered expanses of humanity.

The place where we tend to know nothing. The place we choose to fear most. The place where our armor is useless… our ego is speechless…. our weapons are like feathers in the wind… our knowing is forgotten and our dreams have yet to be dreamed.

The place where the answers to the questions we have yet to ask lie patiently waiting for us to arrive. This is the place we call home. This is the house built upon the cornerstones of compassion. This is the home where our species shall dwell within our lifetimes. This is the meadow were the Lion lies down with the lamb and we all feast on the light of love. This is the voice that beckons us to journey beyond our fears. The voice that calls out to us from beyond the great mystery.

The voice that says, “Come to me, rest your weary bones, come to me and let me cleanse you of suffering, your judgments and the unbearable burden of your regrets, come to me my sweet child and be held tenderly within your mother’s arms, come to me that we may lie together and drink the divine nectar from the sacred chalice of your limitless potential and bathe in unconditional love beneath the Tri of life”

Welcome home, humans… welcome home children… welcome home.

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