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The Real Medicine Jounrey

written by Brandon Stephenson September 15, 2018

Herb Hike and Meditation

The real medicine is the overlooked weeds pushing through the cracks in the pavement. We can continue to spray back, rip out, and pave over the weeds.Or we can shift our perspective and understand these plants to be medicine. Not an eye sore, but a valuable resource.Jess Starwood Sunraven ApothecaryNot an invasive nuisance, but a determined healer. This is the real medicine journey. DisclosureFestThank you Numi Organic Tea for hydrating us and Annmarie Skin Care for taking care of our skin with sun love.#thetriorg #thetri #theconsciousparty #superfood #fairtrade #allone #vegan #organic #nongmo #sustainableliving #beachcleanup #community #mindbodysoul #savetheplanet #recycling #green #votewithyourdollar #hike #meditation #herbalist #allone #annmarieskincare #numitea #disclosurefest

Posted by the tri on Friday, September 14, 2018


Humans by nature are creators. We have terraformed the earth with cities, roads, suburbs, and paved walking paths. Our ability to re-imagine a landscape and transform it through our imagination is an extremely powerful and useful talent. But as we have covered the earth with our creative human comforts we lost something.  


We have forgotten the medicine that grows in our backyard. Our modern culture is so far removed from the natural world that the very concept of “practicing medicine” now relates to prescribing a patented, bottled, and branded cure. The modern pharmacy is full of isolated chemical compounds, and where did they get those compounds?

Oh yes, they are derived from herbs…. You know, weeds. The very plants that we often overlook or perceive as invasive nuisances.


While there are many noteworthy and transformational advances in western medicine, pharmaceutical businesses can not patent or own nature. Therefore herbal medicine in the eyes of big business won’t lead to big profits. Thankfully, there are those that keep the tradition of herbal medicine alive like local herbalist Jess Starwood  from Sun Raven Herbs. Last weekend she led us, along with a large group of beautiful humans, on an herb hike and meditation in Topanga State Park.  Walking with her along the trail weed infested meadows were transformed into beautiful thriving medicine gardens.


We began in a shady oak grove and rooted into the earth with a group meditation. Hiked up a mountain with plenty of stops to unpack the local herbs. The sunny trail made us glad to have Ann Marie’s sunscreen with us to share. The herb based ingredients and the wildcrafted ethos made it a perfect compliment to the experience. We finished the hike with a medicine making workshop where we learned how to make our own medicine from herbs. The community shared their experiences over iced cold herbal tea from Numi Organic Tea. As I walked back to my car I felt more connected than any social network. I felt a deep connection to the earth and the ancient wisdom of her medicine.


The unaware continue to spray weed killer, tear out and pave over the herbs. Yet after all of our efforts to separate ourselves from nature, she prevails to emerge, pushing through the cracks in the pavement. So many of these medicinal herbs are considered invasive species, but now I am beginning to redefine them as a determined species.




Determined not to be forgotten.

Determined to heal.

Determined to be seen and heard.

We are waking up, we are listening to our planet.

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