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written by trilov3r April 13, 2018

The tri is a pure non-profit organization uniting people and conscious businesses in a grassroots social movement to reverse this course we are all on together. We have a concept, a strategy and a model to enact real change.

The tri was founded by and is partners with only triple-bottom-line businesses. A normal business operates with a single-bottom-line; financial profit. It is this single-bottom-line business model that has caused corporations to act with total disregard to the damage they cause our planet, our health, our society, our lives. A triple-bottom-line company, however, believes that balance sheet has three columns; People, Planet, Profit.

They have established businesses on a model where their actions must benefit this planet and the people who share it before they consider financial profit. The actions of the business cannot be a negative factor to our lives, or our world, or there’s simply no reason to be in business. Sound like a fairy tale? Well, its not. Its actually a growing, thriving community of businesses that number in the thousands world-wide.

They fight for us every day and most of us don’t even know it. We’re not even conscious to it. They’re fighting for clean drinking water. They’re fighting to keep poisons out of our food. They’re fighting to ensure that ALL the people involved in things like our food chain are receiving fair treatment and a wage they can actually exist on.

These are the heroes. This is who saves us.

But, they’re not actually the ones with the real power. They’re the vehicle of change.

WE are the drivers.

We just don’t know it. We’re not awake. We sleep through our lives, paying no attention to the fact that every day we are voting in an elaborate system where the dollars we spend on everything we purchase are actually votes. It doesn’t matter what it is; a car, soap, a banana, our dollars are keeping the businesses that produce these products in business. If we choose to buy the wrong company’s product, we’re actually condoning every practice and action that company is involved in. We’re casting a vote saying,

“Yes, I approve of the human rights violations in your supply chain, or that you’re using poisons in the production of the food I buy from you, the food I feed my children.”

We are the fuel. We are the power. We’re what makes it all go around. The problem is, most of us don’t even know, and to make it worse, we’re so divided right now, we can’t even trust each other, we can’t even talk to each other. We’ve slipped into this weird world where we don’t know what to believe any more.

It is the overwhelming greed of a small few who are ruining this life for the rest. We can change this if we come together, but we need to find common ground, we need to restore truth and we then we must spread it. Because truth is like a virus.

You can change the world, it all starts with one question…

Are you awake?

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