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Time is melting away for polar bears

written by Ernesto Borges February 26, 2019
Time is melting away for polar bears

A polar bear’s life is tied ti sea ice. Hunting, traveling, breeding and some times even denning relies on the existence of ice.

Polar bears are strong, intelligent, beautiful and important creatures, and they deserve our help. Many threats to polar bears are caused by HUMANS. which means Humans can fix them!, there are some simple steps we can take to reduce our carbon foot print and help protect the sea ice.

Like soil is to a forest, sea ice is the foundation of the arctic ecosystem. This ecosystem is melting, drifting and being reshaped right before our eyes, as are the lives of polar bears.

For a polar bear, fatter is fitter. their bodies store the fat from the seals to get them through lean periods, such as the months-long denning season.

With loss of sea ice, bears have needed to embark on even longer journeys to find ice to hunt seals, their main prey. They are built for swimming and diving, but these long-distance swims in search of food are causing them to lose extreme amounts of body fat. With out adequate reserves, a polar bear’s likelihood to survive declines.

The struggles of polar bears might being with the sea ice, but they don’t end there. Increased commercial activity, new diseases, and over harvesting are affecting the bears now, too. When you look deeper, you will find that there is a common factor in what is affecting the bears. HUMANS

  • 1- Changing our transportation habits: bike, walk or take public transportation and Drive a fuel-efficiency vehicle
  • 2-Changing our dinner habits: consume food that is minimally processed and packaged, vote with your dollar buying fair trade certify organic food, purchase food grown locally and organic and avoid products that cause deforestation (palm oil).
  • 3-Changing things at home: sur off appliances when not in use, switch to LED light bulbs and don’t waste water.
  • 4-Changing how we shop: minimize consumption-reduce, reuse, recycle, avoid buying products with excess packaging and support local products and business made closer to home.

Today is international Polar Bear Day, a perfect time to commit to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Commit to change, explore the actions that suit your lifestyle, We have the choice to make the right desertions by voting with our dollars everyday and be part of the solution.

We are assembling an esteemed group of citizens under a common agenda to create a road map for the future we desire together. People who are awake, people who care, people who want to be part of the solution.
I am committed to being a catalyst for change and pledge the following:

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