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tri partner page: Circular-Systems

We’ve innovated new circular technology; fiber, yarn, textiles, and closed looped systems integration.


Our Story: The Circular-System™ Bio-Refinery transforms food crop waste into high-value natural fiber products in a cost-competitive and scalable way, providing sustainable and regenerative benefits. The Agraloop™ can utilize a range of feedstocks including oilseed hemp and oilseed flax straw as well as pineapple leaves, banana trunks, and sugar cane bark.


Agriculture waste:

Tropical crop residues are abundant. There is far too much waste to compost effectively. This “Waste” is simply left to rot creating significant methane pollution and crop disease.
270 Million tons of banana waste alone is left to rot annually!
32 Million acres of rice straw are burned in India every year. Additionally, over 1.5 Million acres of oilseed flax residues are burned in North America alone. Crop burning not only creates a considerable amount of pollution but is also responsible for 10% of air-pollution deaths a year.
The fashion industry is responsible for the emission of 1,715 million tons of CO2 in 2015, about 5.4% of the 32.1 billion tons of global carbon emissions in 2015.

Solution based:

At Agraloop™ we see waste as an opportunity. Through our unique regenerative production, we turn food-crop waste into textile grade bio-fiber to support the fashion industry, biomaterials like that of biodegradable lithium-ion batteries, organic fertilizer/soil amendments, and clean bioenergy that is generated intrinsically and returned to local communities. We are turning a problem into a solution by converting waste into these valuable resources.


Closing the circle:

We close the loop with circular systems Agraloop technology. The crop waste of pineapple leaves, banana stalk, flax stalk, hemp stalk, and sugar cane bark together offer 250 million tons of fiber per year. That is 2.5 times greater than the current global fiber demand. This technology can replace our outdated fiber systems, and create a regenerative model to support people and planet for years to come.