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tri partner page: The Philosopher’s Stoneground

The Philosopher’s Stoneground nourishes people and planet with our craft nut butters! Our stone ground coconut butter, sprouted almond butter, and chocolate versions of both are made in small batches in Santa Cruz, California.

Using stone grinding, a food preparation technique older than civilization, we re-define nut butter with our unique flavors and textures.

Our mission is to create delicious, nutritious, ethical, and ecological food that nourishes all life through its cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and consumption!

Four of the six varieties of organic sprouted almond butter we currently offer: Naked Creamy, Naked Crunchy, Creamy Alchemy, and Crunchy Alchemy.

We use dry-farmed Spanish almonds for all of our sprouted almond butters. This allows us to use truly raw, unpasteurized almonds, and to support water-sustainable, ecologically-appropriate agriculture.

We are the first drought-adapted almond butter company and intend to continue pioneering this path so that you don’t need to feel guilty in your choice to eat almonds.

Regenerative Business Model

“Never does Nature say one thing and Wisdom another.” – Juvenal

Philosophy means “love of wisdom,” but for us it’s about loving people and Life first. Our mission is to create delicious, nutritious, ethical, and ecological food that nourishes all life through its cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and consumption. Our vision is that all business promotes the flourishing of all organisms and ecosystems!

We accomplish this through the open-source regenerative business model we have pioneered called “Nourishing the Roots.” In this model, a food product company can use a portion of its profits to support or establish an organic farm or orchard that will provide ingredients for the food product company in a mutually beneficial fashion.

The model works like this: the food product company creates demand and starts generating revenue, revenue is used to support or establish an ecological agriculture project that wholesomely grows ingredients for the company, and the cycle is established: land feeding company feeding peoplefeeding land.

Excess revenues can be used to support and establish more regenerative orchards. In this way, we will create self-seeding systems of abundance that nourish Life at every level in every step of the production and consumption processes.

What is a regenerative orchard?

Normally, almond orchards are large monocultures designed to create food for one species (humans) at the expense of all others. Only almond trees are grown; concerted efforts are made to keep out other plant, bacterial, fungal, insect, and animal life.

In the largest human-induced pollination event on the planet, bees are trucked in from all over the country and forced to pollinate crop after crop, while having their honey stolen in exchange for sugar-water or high fructose corn syrup. California grows 85% of the world’s almonds in this fashion, which is detrimental to the health of the trees, bees, humans, and ecosystems involved.

That’s not the way that nature works. Nature works in relationships, interconnections, biodiversity, and cooperation. Permaculture design is about mimicking nature to create abundant human systems that are intertwined with abundant natural systems. Permaculture establishes polycultures that nourish all of Life, human and non-human included. Unfortunately, we don’t know of any examples of nut orchards that are designed according to Permaculture.

Nourishing the Roots – an open-source business model

This is an example of using a food product company to create real change in the supply chain of our food system. This could easily be done with the the root agricultural ingredients of any food product. If we nourish the roots of our food products, we nourish the roots of our lifeways. We are offering this model to be used by any other food business to take control of its own supply chain while creating a more vibrant and resilient ecosystem and food system.

This company is testing our hypothesis that consumerism can make the world a better place, rather than the story we’re used to telling and hearing: that it destroys the world. We believe that we can harness the power of the market to nourish all Life. We believe that dollars can become seeds, trees, food, health, and Life.

In a similar fashion to an almond tree, in our business we engage in relationships and activities that nourish us and all the things with which we interact. We spread our abundant seed butters while receiving the abundance of everything else.

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