Earth Day – facing our growth edge

On this Day April 22 we take a collective breath of admiration, love, and respect for this beautiful life-giving spaceship we are riding upon through the cosmos. As the earth spins around the sun, with each pass it’s story expands and changes. As humans we have the capacity to direct how the earth changes with how we show up on her surface. Earth Day can be a single day of celebrating this sacred rock we call home, or it can be a day to re-evaluate our relationship with her and commit to make choices that serve the planets best interests. We can use Earth Day as time of reflection to look at our environment, and our interactions with it and make the changes necessary in our lives that will honor, nourish and heal this magical spaceship earth.

There is no reason to put on the broken record of climate change issues we are facing. By now, you probably have heard about our planets loss of 40% of its ice cover in the last 30 years. The effects of global warming are no longer an elusive idea that invites debate. We are seeing first hand the consequences of our actions. While the reality of climate change can be a daunting issue to look at, we must acknowledge it as a gift. Yes that is right, this struggle we are facing is a GIFT. When our body is hurt, it broadcasts a signal that we call “pain” that signal tells the cells in our body where attention is needed, so that healing can begin. As our body heals it becomes more resilient, and we learn from the action that induced the pain. In the same way we are witnessing the pain and repercussions of our irresponsible actions on this planet and thereby being shown where our attention is needed. The challenge of global warming and climate change will serve as a great gift that unites humanity in effort to work together to create solutions that will redefine how we interact with our planet and remind us how fragile, malleable, and interconnected this life is.

To make big changes it takes groups of dedicated people working together. In our society, groups of people with a shared mission are called businesses or organizations. Our capitalist model of co-creation allows companies the flexibility to serve their customers best interests. The companies that respect their customers are the companies that respect the earth. If a business is only concerned with their bottom line, then their choices will not be in the best interest of the planet… or it’s people. That is why voting with your dollars is a such powerful ethos to embody. Our purchasing decisions are choices that tell a story, you can write a doom and gloom novel, or you can write an inspiring novel of transformation.

Our tri partner Guayakí Yerba Mate is telling a story of transformation. They have been committed to making a difference with their regenerative business model for over 20 years. You can read more about their company and their regenerative business model here. On this earth day, we want to celebrate their most recent effort to combat climate change with our community. Guayakí launched The Yerba Mate Co. to distribute Guayakí’s products to worldwide markets. The Yerba Mate Co. has a fleet of Chevy Bolts along with a goal to have a 100% fossil fuel free fleet by 2019. Guayakí is expanding its electric tricycle fleet and will have approximately 20 trikes serving Guayakí Yerba Mate at gatherings and events.  Guayakí also offsets the greenhouse gas emissions from their customers’ web orders by shipping through the UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping program. The offsets fund carbon reduction projects such as reforestation and riparian river restoration in California, as well as wastewater biogas and landfill gas capture. If this wasn’t enough they also offer incentives to their employees who carpool to work.

What commitments are you making to being a conscious catalyst? At the tri, we are a network of conscious people and sustainable organizations working together to shape our future. We educate and empower citizens to make positive changes by voting with their dollars. Anyone can follow us on social media or passively read our content. But you are not just “anyone.” You are a powerful creator and you have the ability to craft the world under your feet by being a conscious catalyst. So don’t just ingest this content, share it. Use your voice and spread the message. There is only one way to overcome the challenges we face on the planet. We MUST work together! In collaboration and accountability, we will write a new narrative for future generations and show the world that humans can live peacefully on this planet with respect, integrity, and devotion.

written by Brandon Stephenson