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30 facts on drinking water and numi’s h2ope solution

written by trilov3r September 28, 2017
30 facts on drinking water and numi’s h2ope solution

nearly 1 in 9 people in the world have no access to reasonable drinking water. the rest of the stats are even more alarming. companies like numi are fighting to change that, not because more water in madagascar and india means more customers, because more healthy people means a better planet. that’s what being a part of all one tribe is about. we support each other. we support numi. #h2ope


Without tea, there is no water. Yet one in nine people on the planet lack access to this basic human right. Numi Foundation works to bring clean, safe drinking water to Numi Organic Tea sourcing partners around the world. We work in collaboration with these farming communities and take a long-term view on all our projects; instead of years, we think in terms of generations.


Our first H2OPE project was in rural Madagascar, where over 3,500 people living in farming villages used to drink water from the same river they used as a toilet. Our next effort is ensuring the 6,000 residents of largest organic, fair trade tea estate in all of India have access to the clean water they need to thrive.



The Numi Foundation’s mission is to nurture and empower thriving communities. We envision a world where all basic human needs are met
and people have the resources to fulfill their greatest potential.


more information on the Numi Foundation and the H2OPE project at numifoundation.org


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World Water Facts – Access to safe drinking water

Fact 1

At least 1.8 billion people worldwide are estimated to drink water that is faecally contaminated. An even greater number drink water which is delivered through a system without adequate protection against sanitary hazards.  Source: WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation

Fact 2

768 million people do not use an improved source of drinking-water and 2.5 billion people do not use improved sanitation as of 2011.  Source: Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP), 2013

Fact 3

Almost 900 million people in the world do not have access to clean, safe drinking water, while 2.6 billion live without basic sanitation. Across the globe, more than 6,000 people die each day from diseases caused by dirty water. Most disturbingly, two thirds are children. Source: Oxfam Australia.

Fact 4

1 in 9 people worldwide do not have access to improved sources of drinking water. Source: UN Water Quality Fact Sheet 2013.

Fact 5

Over 8 out of 10 people who do not use an improved source of drinking water live in rural areas. Source: Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP), 2013


find the other 26 facts about water supply here at skyjuice.org.au


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