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    Feed Our Souls: Spreading Purple Smiles


    At the tri, we often speak to our inherent unity. “People” is a pillar of our organization. ALL PEOPLE. We must see beyond color, gender, religion, political affiliation, social/economic status and recognize that we are all in this together. We are on team human, and in order for this collective to thrive, we must all have the opportunity to live a nourished, joyful life.



    There are roughly 553,700 people that are homeless in this country, and that a quarter of this population resides in California. As a California based organization dedicated to the thriving of ALL, we must include this homeless community in our initiatives. On Saturday 9/1/18 we teamed up with Disclosure Fest to not just feed the homeless but connect with them and create a conscious party of connection and joy.



    The event called “Feed Our Souls” took place in the heart of skid row, Los Angeles at Gladys Park. Our partner Sambazon acai was eager to be involved and brought organic acai bowls to share with the community. They served over 300 acai bowls inspiring hundreds of purple smiles throughout the afternoon.



    Follow your heart, a vegan food company brought an abundance of healthy vegan food to share. Lava Mae came out with sanitation packs and clean socks. The sidewalk project brought art, music and free clothing store. Ecstatic Dance Los Angeles brought a sound system and high vibe music to lift the spirits of the community. Nourishment didn’t end at a full plate of food as Adrian, founder of disclosure fest, set up a healing tent where he offered free bodywork to any in need.



    Beyond the food, and free offerings what made “Feed Our Souls” event shine was the way it inspired connection and sense of community. Challenges faced alone are daunting, and often keep us from being able to rise above. In these moments of great need, it is our community that supports us and lends a hand so that we may stand and face another day. This event catered to community connection with great care and humility.



    Walking through a neighborhood like skid row can often bring a sense of gloom and despair. On this day we were surrounded by an overall feeling of gratitude, hope, and felicity. The contagious smiles brought light into the dark times of these brothers and sisters. While the community surrounding Gladys Park may not have homes or the basic comforts we often take for granted, they are no different than us. They are our neighbors and more than anything what they desire is to belong and be seen.



    So while you may not be able to donate hundred of acai bowls like Sambazon, you can give back with a simple moment of acknowledgment. Offer a smile, a hug, or any gesture of human kindness. You can make difference by the way you show up. We are all one, and we in this together.


    September 3, 2018
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