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    Treepeople.org clean air initiative

    What if everyone dedicated just one morning a month to community projects like TreePeople clean air initiative? This vibrant community is working together to create changes. Big thanks to Guayakí Yerba Mate for their shared mission and providing volunteers with cold drinks. And many thanks to DisclosureFest for your support! It takes a tribe to thrive!…..#treepeople #volunteer #angelesnationalforest #losangeles #planttrees #wildfire #restoration #mountains #wildlands #guayaki #cometolife #aircleanup #sustainablefuture #thetri #thetriorg #theconsciousparty #allone #fairtrade #soil #kisstheground

    Posted by the tri on Wednesday, August 15, 2018


    What has rings without fingers. Leaves but stays nearby. Hides below our feet but can be seen by looking high?

    The tri recently joined forces with Disclosure Fest and the Los Angeles based tree restoration group, Tree People in a local clean air initiative. The tree restoration event focused on watering young trees planted last year, removing invasive species and any potential fire dangers in the Santa Monica mountain range.  



    The volunteer-driven community painted a clear picture of what is possible when we work together. On this particular occasion, they cared for over 200 plants from oaks, sycamores, elderberries, native grasses and native roses.



    One volunteer mentioned that her tree restoration efforts are the most tangible way she can fight climate change. Most of us are aware that trees provide us with the air we breathe.

    Did you know that these breath givers also clean our air?

    Trees pull CO2 from the air and transmute it through their roots back into the earth, where it belongs. The largest driver of climate change is the shocking amount of CO2 we have released into the atmosphere. We have a responsibility to our future generations to bring this ecosystem back into balance. Fortunately for us, there are groups like this one, getting their hands dirty making a difference.



    Trees also play a key role in groundwater management. Trees slow the runoff of rainwater and absorb it into the ground, preventing pollution and soil erosion. The fragile water supply here in California is dependent on the health and abundance of our trees.



    The volunteers shared Guayaki Yerba Mate (https://guayaki.com/) as they collaboratively carried out their restoration efforts. With the hot and exhausting work, they were grateful to recharge and come to life with their event sponsor Guayaki. Beyond sharing mate, the community shares Guayki’s ethos. Their shared belief of regenerating ecosystems and cultivating vibrant communities brought them together in this co-creative action project.



    So often we take for granted the air we breathe. How many breaths have you taken today? And how many were followed with gratitude? We often don’t see our direct connection to nature. Yet here we are… Breathing, Eating, Drinking her in. We are not separate, we are made of nature. The health of our planet is our health. If we could realize this, we would care for our environment as care for the health of our children.



    I hope the efforts of groups like this inspire you to take action. Imagine what we could create if we all did something. I wonder what the air quality of Los Angeles would be if each one of its residents dedicated just 1 morning a month to initiatives like this one. If you feel inspired to be a part of this vibrant community and make a difference, then join tree people here: (https://www.treepeople.org/mountain-forestry)


    So, What has rings without any fingers. Leaves but stays nearby. Hides below our feet but can be seen by looking hight?

    A TREE.


    August 16, 2018
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