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written by trilov3r February 27, 2018

I know it seems hard to believe nowadays, but there are businesses out their with a strong moral compass. Livity is company that defines a conscious business, but a style and rhythm to match.


In short, we’re big fans.


In their own words…

LiViTYstyle.com is a collective effort to bring you the worlds best sustainable lifestyle products, starting first and foremost with the pioneering LiViTY Outernational lifestyle brand, and extending into all types of interesting low-impact goods in the very near future…

The Futuristic Lifestyle Movement known as LiViTY Outernational has offered up a positive message to the world in the form of low-impact organic/recycled high fashion products since 2001




Livity is a positive, healthy lifestyle. Our products and message reflect our core values of sustainability and unity. All of our apparel and accessories are designed using a mix of organic, renewable and recyclable materials and are produced in equitable trade. Livity’s collection is an expression of our commitment to activism through conscious living and creativity.
We make earth-friendly apparel and accessories for the consumer with a conscience. Our hats, famous fedoras, bags, t-shirts, hoodies and outerwear are all designed with the Livity vibe and environment in mind.

LiViTY is a positive healthy lifestyle…

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