tri talks constitute presentations from visionaries and leaders across many disciplines and cultures.

Topics include sustainability, regenerative agriculture, fair trade and ethical food systems, health and wellness, unity consciousness, celtic tribalism, zero waste, social entrepreneurship, permaculture, building community and much more.

tri talks are available on our website, YouTube channel and podcast

we are proud to announce our speakers for our tri conscious talks during the @globaleclipsegathering. join us and participate. topics will include sustainability, forward-thinking, regenerative fair trade organic agriculture, fair-pay, non-gmo, resources, resolutions, brand leaders and much more.

Here is the schedule:
FRIDAY, August 18th
2:15PM – 2:30PM – Maya Zuckerman – Collective Journey & its Importance in Our Time
4:20PM – 4:45PM – Rye N Flynt – Human Hybridization and You
6:30PM – 6:45PM – Bruce Damer – Origins of Life
7:30PM – 7:45PM – Michael Garfield – Ecotechnics – Permaculture & Space Travel
8:00PM – Acoustic set
SATURDAY, August 19th
2:15PM – 2:30PM – Rye N Flynt – Celtic Tribalism
4:20PM – 4:45PM – Michael Brian Baker – Creating Breakthroughs with Breath Work
6:30PM – 6:45PM – Stephen Brooks – Regenerative Agriculture
SUNDAY, August 20th
2:15PM – 2:30PM – Rye N Flynt – Renewable Energy Cryptocurrency
4:20PM – 5:00PM – Adam Eidinger, Josh Carroll & Roman Hayferd – Catharsis: Burning on the National Mall for Social Justice and Psychedelics
6:30PM – 6:45PM – Rye N Flynt – Canabinoid Dream Capsule Meditation
7:30PM – 7:45PM – Jasmine Fuego – Hip Hop Poetry
MONDAY, August 21st
2:15PM – 2:30PM – Rye N Flynt – Zero Waste Heroes
4:20PM – 5:00PM – Rye N Flynt – The Regional Moon Calendar
6:30PM – 6:45PM – Ryan Black – Social Entrepreneurship
7:30PM – 7:45PM – Magdelion Moondrops – Village Building
We thank you and our partners @thrivemarket @numiorganictea @annmarieskincare @drbronners @sambazon for the opportunity to have such an amazing crew together.