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Numi Tea: Together for H2OPE: Madagascar

written by trilov3r August 26, 2017

Numi Tea: Together for H2OPE: Madagascar

We’re honored to announce completion of Together for H2OPE: Madagascar, a non-profit initiative bringing clean water to over 3,500 people across 12 villages in Madagascar—the farming community that supplies the key ingredient for our Turmeric Teas and Turmeric Golden Latte mixes.   Numi Foundation, a fiscally sponsored non-profit project of Earth Island Institute, raised over $80,000 to build wells for the families living along the banks of the Rianila, a contaminated river that was this community’s only source for drinking water, until now. With these new wells, each family—and their children’s children—has access to clean water for the first time. *2017 Update: Our partnership in Madagascar continues expanding to ensure all needs are met. Since this video was captured in May 2016, a total of 23 wells have been built to serve 4,000 people.

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