tri partner page: Guayakí

Our Story:

Guayakí holds the vision to make organic, fair-trade yerba mate the mainstream energy source of choice, and prove that a company can be profitable while operating sustainably. We are actively protecting and restoring the South American rainforests while empowering the native forest people.


Community Roots:

Traditionally Yerba Mate is drank from a gourd and shared amongst the community. The tea is used to steward social connection, while nourishing the health, vitality and longevity of the body. The roots of Yerba Mate are about bringing people together in a harmonious and healthy way. Guayakí promotes the importance of sharing mate, while strengthening the communities from which it is sourced. This ancient tradition of the Ache and Guarani people is now being preserved and expanded through Guayakí’s mission.  

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Market Driven Restoration:

Guayakí’s restoration projects are primarily based in Argentina, Paraguay, and Southern Brazil. With only 5% of the Atlantic rainforest remaining, we ensure that all of our growing partners not only sustainably harvest our Yerba Mate but also regenerate the native rainforest species. Our reforestation projects enable communities to improve and restore their native lands while providing them with a living wage and fair working conditions.


Vote with your dollar:

As consumers vote with their dollars, we funnel the dollars to the native peoples and the restoration projects that encourage a thriving future for them and their lands.  By purchasing Guayakí you become a part of the solution. Together we are a driving force for conservation and community development.


Why Rainforest Mate?

  • High-quality mate is shade-grown in the rich ecosystem of the rainforest; delivering more flavor and nutritional value.
  • Harvesting teams carefully prune yerba mate trees for optimal quality and health of the tree for future harvests.
  • Our yerba mate is grown, harvested and dried according to time-honored traditions.
  • We combine the leaves and tender stems to cultivate a unique full flavor and balanced energy. The tender stems add theobromine, the euphoric component in chocolate that makes you feel like you are in love.
  • We contribute funds to Kue Tuvy, A Ache Guayaki preserve – one of the first indigenously run, sustainable preserves.
  • Our regenerative approach to yerba mate cultivation serves to restore homes to over 336 bird and mammal species. With only 7% of this population remaining it is our priority, responsibility and ethical imperative to steward this forest.

Sustainable Ethos:

From “seed to shelf” we take into consideration all aspects of sustainability: social, environmental, cultural and economic. Our sustainability is reflected in our growing practices, supplier relationships, product packaging and life cycle. Guayakí is the only mate company in the world that is both Certified organic and fair trade.

Our Fair Trade certification “Fair for Life” guarantees human rights through each stage of production, as well as providing the means for social community projects and the empowerment of the native people.

We are also a member of the Fair Trade Federation, that secures living wages to the artisans who make our gourds and bombillas. Instead of purchasing gourds and bombillas from commercial factories, we employ Argentine artists who work from their home studios so they can spend more time with their families and create truly one of a kind pieces of art.

At Guayakí it’s not just about making a tasty cup of mate, it’s about meaningful work.

Preserving Cultural Tradition:

We are committed to preserving the cultural traditions of the rainforest natives and their families. These cultural traditions of community, sharing, and connection are being kept alive by Guayakí’s global invitation to be a part of the yerba mate experience.

Be a part of the solution, and “come to life” with Guayakí.