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the branches of the tri: people | planet | participation

written by trilov3r September 25, 2017
the branches of the tri: people | planet | participation

think of a tree. the core values, or ethos, are it roots. the trunk is its core. the branches are how it grows. if we hold true to our roots, we will strengthen our  core, we will grow all through our branches. this  is the only way that leaves us with a bright future (cute pun, huh? had to do it).


The common thread among us, sisters and brothers, is that we have chosen not to accept things for what we are said to be, but rather as conscious, loving and intelligent beings to embrace our powers and manifest our destiny. We have burst the bubbles of our subjective realities and become aware. Aware of self, aware of each other and aware of our unlimited potential for life. Aligned by the common belief that all of humanity deserves the same inalienable rights, not just the select few, we stand in our power, in unity, honoring each other, our today and our tomorrow in gratitude.


Through much of our past, humans have acted as a parasite to our natural environment. We’ve raped her fertile lands and poisoned her plentiful wells. But we’ve grown, we’ve matured, and we have learned.  And now that we are awake, we are determined to be her guardian. Unwavering in our understanding that we are the catalyst that can restore our human relationship with nature to symbiosis, and absolute in our belief that environmental stewardship and sustainability are an achievable harmony, we will assume our position as protectors of Mother Earth.


We are the inspired, the awake, and we must now act as the inspiration to others. We live in a time when words have lost most all of their equity, and participation is the only true currency.  We have come to the realization that change does not trickle down in a straight line. It’s a web, a vast network of connections. Human beings are connecting the fragile lines, building the framework, and weaving the web of change. We are not complacent in the thought that our responsibility to each other and this planet is resigned to a polling station once every four years. No, we must be every day warriors. Each and every day we have an opportunity to make spending decisions aligned with our principles, laying the foundation for the future path we desire. Every day we cast votes in support or rejection of the products and businesses who produce them, and we are conscious and accountable for the fact that each one of us possesses the power to change the world. Together we can move mountains.

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