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written by trilov3r June 18, 2017
the conscious party

we think of consciousness in terms of being either asleep or awake. but, by definition, it is a state of awareness. we can be awake, yet still unconscious. to be fully conscious is to be aware of everything around us, of the people, of the planet. to be conscious we must participate in this reality we all share.

I have found that as a society our failures are largely aligned with the names we give things, our semantics, our internal dictionaries. Take the Earth for instance. If we had named it Mother, instead of Earth, would we not be far more inclined to protect it, to care for it? It is, after all, what gives all of us life. We have let the words truth and fact become entangled in a semantical debate with opinion. And, we have allowed our internal dictionaries to define consciousness as a state of sleep.

We can look in any dictionary and find that the definition of consciousness is actually a state of awareness. Perhaps it is our state of unconsciousness that prevents us from properly doing all these things. But, there are a growing number of us who have begun to wake. People all over the world are stepping out of this sea of unconsciousness. We are waking and we are rising, rising to the occasion. We are becoming aware of our surroundings and the people and other life that share this planet, this reality.

If you have doubts, you are quite possibly still asleep. If and when you wake to a state of true consciousness, you will know it. But, you must educate yourself in order to do so. For, the sea of consciousness is a sea of ignorance, and that is not just semantics.

If you have awakened already, then you know that it is your obligation to educate, inspire and motivate those who have not.

The tri is a party regardless of political affiliation. It is comprised of all members of society who have gained this state of consciousness and are committed to waking the rest of us so that we may all live in the paradise of happiness this life was supposed to be.

The tri is the conscious party.Welcome to the Party.


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