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the tri launches at the natural products expo west

written by trilov3r March 31, 2017
the tri launches at the natural products expo west

This year’s Expo West, the world’s largest organic trade show in Anaheim, CA took place on March 10-12 and saw massive strides through powerful corporate collaborations on issues such as climate change, packaging, and self-governance through the OSC2 Climate Collaborative and other organizations. As more companies are being called to differentiate themselves many are seeing their values as the key factor in defining their future success.

This year’s gathering saw a dramatic increase of exhibitors by twenty percent with over three thousand companies on the show floor, and over one hundred thousand attendees, making it the largest industry trade show in California of any kind.  This speaks volumes to not just the industries unprecedented and impressive double-digit annual growth for nearly three decades, but more importantly to the collective power and strength of the Natural and Organic Products movement as a whole.  It also illuminates the ever-growing appeal of values-based business practices among millennials and the greater population.

Feeding the emotional & spiritual body of humanity, inspiring meaningful connection and providing the leadership to assure its success is at the epicenter of the tri’s commitment. We are dedicated to the personal values and self-governance that inspired the Natural and Organic Products movement, to begin with. Treat others how you would like to be treated.  I can think of no other philosophy or creed that better describes the inspiration and motivation that governed these pioneer’s choices to build their companies and eventually spawn this global phenomenon that is now known as the Natural and Organic Products movement… and that’s what we want to remind people of, and reconnect them to.”

We know that with extreme popularity, rapid growth and demand comes immense challenges or as we like to say, “opportunities.” These influences far too often equate to compromise, loss of core values and disconnection to both a brand’s culture and customers. Amazingly, some brands have managed not just to survive, but thrive and have even achieved it with their values not just intact, but as the driver of their success. These are the values that built this industry and are the secret sauce that inspired confidence in purchasing and strong customer relationships, relationships where people drive further, pay more, have stronger loyalty, and are not swayed by cheap gimmicks or low prices from unconscious competitors. The tri is dedicated to illuminating the unique character of these brands.

Like our global society the Natural Products industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, but is also experiencing an unprecedented level of compromise and loss of values, we are a conduit to connection, a force dedicated to reconnecting people with their ability to connect to their values and desire for a rich and fulfilling life and activating from that place.

During Ex, o the tri team conducted over 15 interviews with such industry leading pioneers as Doug Greene, Arran Stephens, Sue Kesey, Ahmed Rahim, Seth Tibbot and many others.  It was an honor to hear these inspiring stories, which we will be sharing as part of our commitment to illuminating these compelling real-life tales of heroes and heroes.  Business is a core focus but we are equally dedicated to illuminating an even greater pool of inspiration that we have not mentioned nearly enough here, the massive number of individuals in this world who are exhibiting exemplary human behaviors.  In the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing not just stories but also providing educational mentoring tools designed to inspire and instill tri values in both business and personal choices. Our focus here is on skill building and connection to local resources through a myriad of live events and interactions as well as through our partnerships and collective social media channels.

We look enthusiastically forward to connecting with you in so many wonderful ways is the very near future.


Vive’ Le’ Resolution

Frank Luigi Scura

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