Vote with your Dollar Challenge

Vote with your Dollar Challenge

VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLAR Enter for a chance to win VIP TICKETS TO OHANA FESTIVAL and backstage tour, plus a lot more!

 The tri’s (tree) “Vote with your dollar challenge”

You have the power to influence change with every purchase you make. Enter the challenge and tell the world what you’re voting for and inspire others to do the same. The change we’re seeking is in our wallets and your participation as an activist can earn you a chance to win an “Ohana Festival package”.

You’ve Got the Power

“Vote with your Dollar Challenge”

The EveryDay Activist Challenge is open to everyone*! Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1 – Take a creative photo, or a short video of you using your favorite sustainable product (it can be any brand or product committed to Fair Trade, Organic, Upcycled, Regenerative, Ocean-Friendly, etc.). Challenge two friends to join you.
  • Step 2 – Use the hashtag #votewithyourdollarchallenge and tag @thetriorg and then tag the brand that you featured. Hashtag what you’re voting for, post and share.
  • Step 3 (Bonus Entry) – take the “Vote With Your Dollar Pledge.” We’ll randomly select new pledges during the challenge and stoke you out with some (We want to hear from you! Write us a message and let us know why this topic is important to you).

The tri team will review all the entries (regardless of brand voted for) and pick and announce our favorites on [date]. Winners will be selected based on:

  • Most creative – Most positive, unique and creative!
  • Most impactful – Best cause awareness. Super informative, impactful, motivating, and inspirational!
  • Most viewed/liked – How many people were you able to get to view your entry?

What does it mean to vote with your dollar?

It means you have the power to influence change with every purchase you make. When we buy, we vote for products that benefit us as people and our planet, or we vote for products that deplete natural resources, and negatively impact workers’ lives.There are brands and companies that are committed to being a part of the solution. When you support them, you support – and vote for – a new, more sustainable economy and we believe changing the way business is done is a quick path to creating positive change in the world.