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welcome – week of October 1

written by trilov3r October 1, 2017
welcome – week of October 1

welcome sisters & brothers to the launch of the new www.thetri.org

this is the first week of october 2017.

We are going to be doing things a little different from here on out. first off, the first circle post on our home screen, like this one, is always going to be home to a direct letter/newsletter to the visitor. We will be giving you news about what’s new all over the site. consider it your treasure map, lucky voyager.

So, in order to best explain how that’s going to happen. why don’t we take her for a spin?

The site itself is a giant multi-faceted canvas. Each week, we will be putting a different “skin” on it. Sometimes highlighting an event or raising awareness for a cause. We will be featuring the work of digital and graphic artists and producing our own delicious plate of eye candy.

why are we doing this?

Because we have a message, one we really believe in. One we think you’ll really believe in. And, that message is so important that we wanted to wrap it nicely and put a shiny bow on it for you. The site constantly changes with really extraordinary eye and ear candy accompanied by messages of change, stories of inspiration, words of wisdom and empowerment.

tales of truth.

Something we have all become too little acquainted with as of late.

However, This week is going to be a little different than the others. This week is “move-in week.” you could check back in literally every day and there will be something new to read, see, listen to or taste.


Our home page IS our blog. Here is a wall of all the content we have pulled for you from all over the internet and all the good words we came up with ourselves. And, across the top our 7 featured stories. Scroll down and you will find an infinite feed of articles, posts, images, video, links, galleries, and audio.

Speaking of audio, there is a jukebox off to the right with some pretty good vibes.

about us

Here you can find more information about the tri, its core beliefs, ideologies, its substance, let’s say.


In the partners’ section, you’ll find information about our favorite people on earth, besides you, our partners. Please take some time to find out what it is to be a partner of the tri, but also how each of our partners has led and inspired change in and outside of their respective industries.

get involved

Here is where you can find out how to get involved. whether you are an individual or a business. hmm, you look a little short to be a business. Anyway, you can find out how to volunteer, participate, attend an event, support, or simply just do us the big, big favor of spreading the word about us across your social media.


The events page will be coming soon. it will feature a fully interactive calendar of our events as well as suggested events around the globe.

tri talks

We have completed production of our first season of tri talks with the Oregon eclipse 2017 event. We are currently editing and will have webisodes, audio casts and before the end of the year, even our very own live podcast. So, chill and be cool. We’re working on it.


Look, everybody’s got questions okay. Here are questions that are most frequently asked of us.

Contact us

Pretty obvious, huh?

At the end of the menu bar, you’ll find a search field that will allow you to search the entire site for information and a link to our social media. You will also find a link to our live Instagram and facebook in the footer.


So, there is your tour of our new site. Take your shoes off and relax. Take a look around and explore. Participate and communicate and most of all, enjoy and spread the word.


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